Who We Are

We are geoscientists, geologists, engineers and mathematicians around the globe. We are doing the important work of helping energy companies find, drill and produce oil and gas with the least amount of risk and in the most environmentally responsible way.

Mission:  Geophysics Rocks’ mission is to be the leading Internet-based educational resource on geophysical technologies and the people who work with them for non-technical audiences.

Goal:  Our goal is to educate and inform on the importance of geophysical technologies; what and who we are, how the technologies are used in oil and gas exploration and production, and the important benefits they provide.

We remain in an age where oil and gas plays a vital role in providing for global energy needs.  Oil and gas continues to power the global economy, not only by providing critical fuel for transportation and generating electricity, but also in less obvious ways.  See below for some examples.