Technology at Work

Over time, geophysical technologies have enabled oil and gas producers to drill fewer, safer, smarter and more productive wells in increasingly challenging plays. Geophysical technologies also address environmental challenges and can eliminate the need for unnecessary exploration and development wells, therefore decreasing environmental footprint.

Click below to learn how geophysical technology helps energy companies FIND, DRILL, PRODUCE, ENHANCE RECOVERY all in an ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE way.
  • Find Oil and Gas Geophysical technologies reduce risk, cost and damage to the environment, all while increasing safety.
  • Drill Oil & Gas Geophysical advancements can ensure responsibilty and best practices when drilling below the Earth’s surface.
  • Produce Oil & Gas Real time monitoring and management helps to produce gas as safely as possible.
  • Environmental Responsibility The energy industry is one of the safest and most environmentally conscious in the world.